About Travis London

Celebrity chef Travis London is redefining the modern kitchen. Founder of the popular food and lifestyle website, HealthyChicEats.com, Travis has spent years cooking for some of Hollywood’s most famous young talent before he enrolled in the French Culinary Institute. With his appreciation for style and locally-sourced ingredients, Travis has made a name for himself as an expert on living well and staying chic.Travis accredits his upbringing for inspiring his dedication to modern and healthy living. Growing up in a household where large family dinners were a nightly event, he learned to appreciate the power of food has to bring people together. Helping his grandfather in the garden led him to realize the health and flavor benefits of using organically grown crops—information he later used during his time spent at ABC kitchen. Since then, Travis has taken his expertise to the next level. Going beyond mere culinary endeavors, he also specializes in home design, entertaining, and fashion. He contributes a weekly column to OK!Magazine, where he shares some of his original cocktail and food recipes. Healthychiceats.com was also recently featured in US Weekly’s Buzzometer. Travis has also just finished filming a series of videos that will be aired on the Sugar Network. Today, you can subscribe to his daily newsletter, “The Chic Foodie Report,” to find out what Travis has to say about the latest trends in cooking and style.

About The Chic Foodie Report

Launched in March 2011 by Celebrity Chef Travis London, HealthyChicEats.com is a one-stop shop to a healthier lifestyle. Full of recipes, entertaining ideas, plating tips and more, Healthy Chic Eats aims to simplify organic cooking to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The site combines style, health, and flavor to improve the output of any modern kitchen.Featured in US Weekly’s Buzzometer and frequented by Rihanna and Blake Lively, Healthy Chic Eats shares only the best advice and suggestions given by trusted experts. The site also places an emphasis on sustainable materials and organic produce. “Eating is the new Sexy,” says Travis. Health Chic Eats wants to help keep it that way.

The Chic Foodie Report is the free daily newsletter featured on HealthyChicEats.com. Written by celebrity chef Travis London, the newsletter showcases a daily dose of healthy recipes, cocktails, kitchen must-haves, and expert advice to help make your kitchen as healthy and chic as possible.