Chengdu Synchronization technology Ltd. was founded in 2017. It is a new company but can provide extreme product in time and frequency area.

        In association with the National Institute of Metrology, China, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Sync-tech participated in the research and development of technology to provide the low noise electronics needed to support atomic time and frequency standards. This experience was leveraged to develop extreme frequency synthesis architectures and time and frequency measurement methods.

         The company's products are mainly divided into the following series: time-frequency reference, high-performance microwave source, frequency allocation and amplification, frequency multiplier/frequency divider, time-frequency synchronization products, time-frequency testing instruments and customized products.

        Time-frequency reference products include high performance crystal oscillators, rubidium atomic clocks, cesium atomic clocks and so on, which can provide high performance time-frequency reference for high performance time-frequency systems, radar, large scientific equipment.

        Time-frequency synchronization products (SEVEN Solutions, Spain, China promotion partner) can achieve high-precision time and frequency synchronization between any node for users through the existing optical network. The accuracy of time synchronization in the network can reach 100 ps, and the stability of freq-uency synchronization is better than 1E-14/s. This technology has important applications in military industry, astronomy, accelerator, power grid, sensor network, wireless positioning and other fields.

         The company not only provides users with complete time-frequency equipment, but also provides time-frequency module, OEM version and other customi-zed equipment to ensure high performance of the system while facilitating deep integration of users. At present, the company has completed the certification of the quality system of the national military standard, and the products sold are manufactured and tested according to the quality requirements of the national military standard.