Multichannel Frequency Stability Testset
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     STM2048 Multichannel Frequency Stability Testsetr is a special test equipment developed1606029152224109.png

specifically for the characteristics of frequency, the equipment supporting the host computer

software, the frequency accuracy, frequency stability, frequency drift, phase drift and other

frequency signal characteristics test. It can replace the traditional phase ratio meter and frequency

scale comparator. Can achieve 0.5MHz ~ 30MHz arbitrary frequency point test, specific operation

is simple, the measurement of high precision characteristics

Product Features

  • Can simultaneously measure frequency stability, aging, phase drift and other parameters
  • Measurement frequency range: 0.5MHz~30MHz

  • Frequency stability: <6E-14 (typical value: 3E-14)

  • Multi-channel: 4 channels as standard, expandable to 16 channels (including reference input signal)

  • The complementary measurement signal and the reference signal do not need to be the same frequency

  • Sampling time: 1ms~1000s

  • Equipped with an upper computer, the measurement results are displayed and stored in real time

Product Features


Input Signal

Reference input frequency: 0.5MHz~30MHz

Reference input power: 5dBm~15dBm

Measurement input frequency: 0.5MHz~30MHz

Measuring input power: 5dBm~15dBm

Input Signal Impedance: 50Ω

Input signal waveform: sine wave/square wave

Number of channels: 4 channels (expandable to 16 channels)

Measurement output

Measurement uncertainty: <6E-14@1S(Typical values:3E-14@ 1S)

Specific phase accuracy: <100fs(Gating time 1S)

Sampling time: 1ms,10ms,100ms,1s,10s,100s,1000s

Power measurement accuracy: 0.1dB

Measurement configuration mode:Input frequency automatic recognition


Communication interface: RJ45, Adaptive Ethernet
Signal input: SMA


Input Voltage: 

Module Version: 12.0V±5% DC

Chassis Version: 220VAC(176V~264V)50Hz(47Hz~63Hz)

Power: ≤15W


Operating temperature: 0℃-+50℃

Storage temperature: -40℃-+85℃